Leader company on the Digital Information Management, provides solutions to organizations that require or need to optimize their business processes, in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.
Italentos provides a unique combination of value-oriented mainly to the training of technical resources of their organization, and the incorporation of the best talent from around the country, with services that provide access to remote work projects with companies that do not have the resources, infrastructure and necessary features.
Argentinean Company specializing in software development services based on Open Source platforms for e-commerce, mobile applications and solutions for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).
Established as a service organization in the information technology field focused on providing software development and consultancy specializing in technology. NET
We are a team of professionals with deep experience in different areas of the IT & Digital business. Marketing, Web Design, Web & Mobile Applications Development, Content Building for Social Media, Google Adwords and Internet Search Optimization are the portfolio services that we offer.
Company specialized in marketing channels active use of innovative sensory impact the Latin American market, combining advanced technology with direct marketing techniques.

Direccionar is a consultant engineered to act within the fascinating world of business as a real clinic, able to analyze the anatomy of your organization and provide not only an accurate diagnosis of their current situation within the context in which it operates, but also propose, develop and implement practical solutions in the areas of: strategic planning, processes, training and learning and local and international logistics, that can be projected in time, putting focus on "what you can do."